Two-Photon Research

Portefeuille IP

Apparatus for alignment of multiple page wide array print heads.

Athermal singulation using femtosecond lasers (brevet en instance).

Controllable constant current supply integrated circuits for driving dense arrays.

Detection of multiple pathogens using Aptamer Molecular Photonic Beacons (brevet en instance).

Double-sided high-speed printing apparatus and method.

Laser scanning system for use in laser imaging.

Light emitting mesa structures with high aspect ratio and near parabolic sidewalls.

Method and apparatus for enhanced pathogen mortality in ventilation systems using solid-state means of generating UVC.

Method and apparatus for processing data for high-speed digital printing.

Method and device for generating high quality laser beam from laser diodes.

Method of generating proofs of print signatures.

Method of manufacturing printed circuit boards.

Methods and apparatus for high speed short distance optical communication using micro light emitting diodes.

Monolithic nanocolumn structures (brevet en instance).

Motorized sheet film cartridge.

Optical device having mesas.

Pathogen detection using Aptamer Molecular Beacons using a mobile device.

Pathogen detection using Aptamer Molecular Photonic Beacons (brevet en instance).

System and method of providing high resolution images using monolithic arrays of light emitting diodes.